Electricity is the heartbeat of any modern home or business. At Electrician Solutions of Fresno, we provide top-notch electrician services in Fresno, CA. Our skilled team is equipped to handle all your electrical needs, from minor repairs to major installations, for both residential and commercial properties. Below, we’ll highlight our expertise in ensuring your electrical systems are safe, efficient, and reliable.

Electrical Panel Installation Services In Fresno, CA

Electrician Solutions of Fresno offers professional electrical panel installation services in Fresno, CA, ensuring your home meets the latest safety and efficiency standards. Our experienced electricians are adept at upgrading outdated panels, accommodating new appliance loads, and enhancing your home’s electrical system’s overall performance. Trust us to provide reliable installations that power your home safely and efficiently.


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Electrical Circuit Breakers Services In Fresno, CA

In Fresno, CA, our team specializes in electrical circuit breaker services to keep your home running smoothly. Circuit breakers are crucial for protecting your electrical system from overload or short circuits. We provide comprehensive services, including troubleshooting, repair, and replacement of faulty breakers, ensuring your safety and preventing potential electrical hazards in your home.

Dedicated Electrical Circuits Services In Fresno, CA

We understand the importance of dedicated electrical circuits for the safety and efficiency of your home. These specialized circuits ensure that appliances with high power requirements operate safely, without overloading your system. Our team provides expert installation services, ensuring your heavy-duty appliances have the dedicated support they need to run effectively and safely.

Car Charger Installation Services In Fresno, CA

With the rise of electric vehicles, the need for home car charger installations has never been greater. We offer expert installation services for a variety of car chargers, ensuring your vehicle is always ready to go. Our team ensures a seamless integration with your home’s electrical system, providing convenient and efficient charging solutions right in your garage.

Back Up Generator Installation Services In Fresno, CA

A backup generator is essential for maintaining power during outages, ensuring your home remains safe and functional. Our skilled technicians specialize in the installation of high-quality backup generators. We assess your home’s power needs to recommend the best solution, ensuring you have reliable power when you need it most. Let us keep your home powered through any emergency.

Whole House Surge Protection Services In Fresno, CA

Whole house surge protection safeguards your home’s electrical devices from unexpected spikes in voltage, preventing damage and loss. We provide comprehensive surge protection solutions, designed to protect your entire home from the unpredictability of power surges. Our expert installation ensures that your electronics, appliances, and electrical system are secured against the most common electrical threats.

Additional Services Available

In addition to our primary electrical services, we also provide a comprehensive array of additional services tailored to meet all your electrical needs, including:

Residential Service:

Commercial Service:

  • Lighting Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Vehicle Charging Station
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Retail and Restaurant
  • Schools and Warehouses
  • Movie Theaters and Fitness
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Medical and Office

Electrician Solutions of Fresno is your go-to electrician company in Fresno, CA, offering top-notch residential and commercial electrical services. Whether you need a simple repair or a complex electrical system installation, our team of skilled electricians is equipped to handle all your electrical needs efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. From the initial consultation to the completion of your project, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Don’t let electrical issues disrupt your day—contact Electrician Solutions of Fresno today and let us power your home or business with expertise.